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Windows 7

Windows 7

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Software Deployment

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  1. Office 365: Exchange Hybrid issue with Windows Security of Outlook 2016

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    Outlook prompts for password when accessing migrated Exchange Online resource. The on-premise mailbox has been migrated to Exchange Online and the user opening the calendar to see free/busy and planned meetings is sitting on-premise Exchange server. Windows Security – Microsoft Outlook connecting to … When analyzing the https network flow...
  2. Powershell: Delete files based on extension?

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    The following powershell script searches in the specified folder ($folder) and filters for a file extension if parameter ($extension). The script will echo the filename and delete $folder = "C:\Users" $extension = "cmd" if (!($extension)){$filter="*"} Else{$filter=foreach ($item in $extension.split(",")){$item.insert(0,"*.")}} if (test-path $folder) { foreach ($file in get-childitem "$folder\*" -recurse -force...