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Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ivan Versluis. I am a Dutch IT Professional working as IT Manager.
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  1. App-V

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    Microsoft App-V enables you to transform applications into centrally managed virtual services to reduce the cost of application deployment, eliminate application conflicts and reboots, simplify your base image footprint to expedite PC provisioning, and increase user productivity. References Technet – Application Virtualization Whitepapers TMurgent – Your Destination for Application Virtualization...
  1. Windows 7

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    Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft today (June 2011). Windows 7 was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009 and since then I am heavily involved in engineering the new client platform for an enterprise environment. As an enterprise company we have waited for a long...
  1. PowerShell

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    PowerShell is Microsoft’s command line shell and scripting language which helps us  achieving greater control and productivity. Out of the box PowerShell includes 130 standard commands; PowerShell will be extended with additional commandslets when Exchange 2007, SQL Server 2008 and Virtual Machine Manager 2007 are installed. Installation To install PowerShell...