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About Ivan

Hi there! My name is Ivan. I am a Dutch IT Professional working for an international manufacturing company as Technical IT Infrastructure Architect . Thanks for visiting my website šŸ™. We run through our life searching for things on the Internet to solve our problems, by maintaining this website I hope you will find some answers from me.

As IT pro’s the Internet has become an important resource for us in finding information how to use and manage our IT infrastructure today, most of us (at least me) don’t have time to read hundreds of pages before we start in implementing, operating and supporting the systems we install.

Over the years, I have learned to take my time and go through the installation manuals. Now and then I run into some kind of problem and google is my friend. Finding others having the same problems like me can be challenging and sometimes cumbersome to find the right answers before solving the problem. Sharing our experience is important.

So stay connected with where I am sharing mine!

@ivanversluis on Twitter

Vital Stats:

Born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands; and living in the area of Rotterdam city.

Wedding: Ivan and Kimberly Wedding: Ivan and Kimberly Wedding: Ivan and Kimberly

My wife Kimberly and me got married in April 2010. We areĀ blessedĀ to haveĀ 2Ā awesomeĀ kids, a son andĀ a daughter!!

Technical Background

At the age of 10 I got my hands on my mother’s personal computer (1990 XT/286). At that time I spend countless hours playing “Leisure Suit Larry” game and I also created my first menu environment with a program called in DOS. My first lines of code I wrote in Basic and Turbo Pascal. During my high school, my interests changed for computer security and for many years I was active in the FXP scene (uploading files from one server to another server). I always enjoyed working with computers and software. Over the years, I developed advanced skills in different areas and gained experience in various technologies from Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco and other software/hardware vendors.

  • 1Password My hardware
  • Aperture
  • Lightroom
  • Synology
  • Photoshop
  • OneNote


Taking time out forĀ rest and relaxation isĀ important part of our lives. I use photography forĀ capturing beautiful moments and relax whenever I can.

Check out my photography website.