App-V is a great application virtualization technology. What should you do before start sequencing? Read more..

Windows 7

Windows 7

Unattended Windows 7 deployment can easily be done using an answer file. Networknet is sharing it. Read more..

Software Deployment

Software Deployment

As system administrators deploying software is important role we need maintain and manage. Read more..

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  1. AppV: Streaming virtual application from FILE

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    AppV server supports different options to steam your SFT deployment file. RTSP, RTSPS, FILE, HTTP and HTTPS are the protocols available for the Server URL. Currently I am evaluating to use the FILE option and store the virtual package on a file share. I am using the RTSP protocol and...
  2. Windows 7: Reset machine password after trust is lost

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    Most of the time I am using virtual machines for developing installation scripts and operating system images. With Microsoft App-V sequencer I am depending on using virtual machines, and snapshots to revert to the previous state after sequencing process is done. Many times these snapshots are older than 30 days and...