App-V is a great application virtualization technology. What should you do before start sequencing? Read more..

Windows 7

Windows 7

Unattended Windows 7 deployment can easily be done using an answer file. Networknet is sharing it. Read more..

Software Deployment

Software Deployment

As system administrators deploying software is important role we need maintain and manage. Read more..

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  1. Mac: What to do when my Mac is slow?

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    Two years ago I switched from a PC to a Mac. I have three Macs running as my workstation system, a portable MacBook and a multimedia Mac Mini. Last week I realized it was time to do some upgrade to improve the performance of my iMac and Mac Mini. Both...
  2. App-V: How to hide the Q: drive in Windows Explorer?

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    Microsoft App-V client is very important part of the Microsoft’s Virtual Application solution. The App-V client integrates itself into the infrastructure by publishing the applications to users. The App-V client creates a local cache file called sftfs.fsd (Windows 7 = C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\SoftGrid Client) where application packages are stored. During...
  3. Software Deployment: PDFCreator from

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    Solution Definition PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly every application. To distrbute this PDF Creator I used the following script recipe. Before I started I used the SAVEINF command line parameter to record my setup options. Requirements Download Script PDFCreator-1_2_0_setup.inf – the setup file...